Last Year’s Mural Project

Family Tree Mural After 1


About a year ago, I had an email from neighbors of my Lemon Tree mural clients requesting I consider a project with them. In two prior homes, they had displayed family photos in a family tree arrangement and wanted to create a similar presentation in their new home.

Since I was still involved with settling my parents into their new Florida life, I thought I could squeeze in the family tree project before hurricane season pulled me back to my current out-of-town Day Job. As it happened, I’d just finished the mural and the paint was drying on a small pedestal that we added to the project when I got the call to dash away with my claims adjuster hat wobbling upon my head.

After six months of adjusting and three months of moving my parents from their temporary rental and into the home my husband and I have extensively renovated for them (read: gutted and rebuilt from the inside out – see here), I finally have the opportunity to post the family tree project results here.

When I’ve had a little more catching-up time, I will write up a process post. I find the creative collaboration with clients a large part of my satisfaction in the results of any project.

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