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Marsh Hawk Studio LLC is still a registered company. It is, however, on ice. Please enjoy the various pages on this site if you would like to see what I was up to last decade.

My paint studio will soon be moved – only to the other side of the brick wall – but out of the path of muddy flooding. It’s current home will be torn down as it is not really salvageable. Once that is complete, I will be setting up my encaustic paint station and exploring that medium as my primary visual art focus.

The domain Marsh Hawk Media now redirects here as the LLC is now a mother ship for multiple creative paths.

Family responsibilities have me limited to working at home so I have turned my creative brain towards some long delayed writing projects.

You can find my other blogs as follows:

L. Davis Carpenter is my writing blog where you can find out about my progress, travails and read my ongoing flash memoir pieces.

Long Ago and Far Away is for historical fiction off the beaten path – which is my passion.

Lausanne’s Golden Road is my personal blog which has been running for nearly 10 years! (With some big gaps, unfortunately.) But it is just a place to put random stuff.


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